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CIRPE - Center for Improving Relationships and Personal Effectiveness offers free personal development program for school/college students from Puducherry and around areas. 
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About the program
The prevalence of stress is increasing among  students. Maladaptive coping may lead to adjustment problems and unhealthy outcomes. The ways in which an individual appraises and cope with the situation are more important to psychological well-being.Training of certain skills such as problem solving and social skills would prevent stress and enhance coping skills.  In order to prevent stress related problems it is necessary to improve the competencies of students, making them more able to cope with whatever difficulties life might bring. The following skills are taught to the students. 
1. Critical thinking skill
2. Problem solving & decision making skill
3. Communication skill
4. Interpersonal skill
5. Self-regulation
    The content of the sessions are as follows,

1. Knowledge – theoretical input

2. Skills – teach specific skills

3. Practice – Role-play/ worksheets

4. Feedback and discussion

Date & venue will be informed to you after registration
last date: 30/01/2013

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