Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist

    There is a lot of confusions about the differences between psychologist and psychiatrist. For many people the two professions are synonymous. There is a overlap between the two roles. They are dealing with the same problems  with different therapy.
 Descriptions Psychologist  Psychiatrist 
 Doctoral level degree from recognized University (Mphil or PhD).
Specialized in the treatment of mental health through counselling and Psychotherapy.  
 Medical doctor who are specialized in treating mental illness (MD) through medication.
 Working areas School, clinical, and organizational,  private practice and research. Institutional and private practice.
 Type of therapy they provide  Cognitive, emotional and behavioural interventions. Training and coaching the skills. Clinical assessments.
 Prescribe medications, 
Inpatient medical care for mentally ill. electro convulsive therapy
clinical interventions
 When to meet Stress related problems, Emotional difficulties, life change require adjustments, difficult in making decision and problem solving. Dysfunctional coping, minor anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Low self-esteem, uncontrollable anger, lack of self-control, other behavioural problems which affects their normal development. Mental illness such as major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, frequent suicidal feelings require medical attentions and interventions.

    For some problems seeing the both psychologist and psychiatrist ( co-therapy) might be the best option. What matters the most in this mental health field is not just educational training or qualification but personal qualities such as respect, caring, warmth relationship, deep interest in clients well-being.

    Seeking help is courageous step to solve your problems, don't hesitate!