My research experience

Project-1         : Enhancing stress coping skills

Role                : PhD Scholar.

Year                : 2006-2009

            Many students experience stress associated with academic work and encounter difficulties while adjusting to an environment. It is felt that stress or lake of coping resources is one important factor that contributes to adjustment problems and suicide. Although stressful experiences can lead to many negative consequences, the processes involved in confronting them may also promote broadened perspectives, new coping skills, deepened relationships, and the development of personal resources.. In this context, this study explores the relationship between perceived stress, proactive coping and general self-efficacy among college students and develops a training manual to enhance proactive coping and self-efficacy.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planned and executed the project successfully among 526 college students in Puducherry.
  • Conducted survey using systematic random sampling in 7 Arts and science colleges.
  • Analyzed the survey results with SPSS 10 and statistical significance were reported. 
  • Developed the training module for the students to enhance proactive coping and self-efficacy among students.
  • Assessed the Effectiveness of the training module with pre-test & post-test, and Experimental & Control group design.


Project-2         : A study on stress coping and cognitive skills.

Role                : Investigator.

Year                : 2008

            The way we cope up with the stress depends on one’s own cognitive and emotional resources. People differ in their relative preferences for rational and intuitive ways of dealing with stressful situation. The  assessment of cognitive  styles  has  emerged as a significant  theme  in managerial  development. The present study examined the relationship between functional dimensions of coping and cognitive styles among higher secondary students from Puducherry U.T

Roles and Results

  • Conducted the survey among higher secondary students to assess their cognitive styles and coping.

·         Found out that approach  coping  significantly  related  with  intuition, avoidance and emotional regulation coping significantly related with logical mode. reappraisal coping significantly  related with both  logical and  intuitive mode.

·         The implications are presented in the paper

Project-3         : Stress coping skills and goal orientation.

Role                : M.phil scolar.

Year                : 2005-2006

            Goal  orientation  are  behavioural  intentions  that  determine  how students approach  and  engage  in  learning  activities. Student’s  goal  orientations  are  presumed  to  be  important  mediators  and  determinants  of  behavioural,  cognitive  and  affective  patterns  in  learning  or  achievement. Coping skills are also found related to students’ motivation and performance to do their task. When coping resources, are inadequate, stressful situations may give rise to unhealthy outcomes. Hence, this study explores the relationship between the stress coping skills and goal orientation of college students.

Roles and Results

  • College students’ coping skills and goal orientation had been assessed with the standardized tool.
  • The findings of the study revealed that the students differ in their coping skills with regard to their gender, subject of specialization and parent’s level of education.
  • The learning and performance  approach  goal  orientations  are  significantly  associated  with  the students  stress coping  skills. The performance avoidance orientation has negative correlation with  stress  coping  skills of  the  students




Project-4         : Developing and validating a tool for assessing stress and coping

Role                : Investigator.

Year                : 2010

            Stress and the way we cope with them makes a difference in our life. Instead of being stuck in our stressful situation better, be equipped to deal with stress. Teaching effective coping skills prior to exposure to stressors may be preventing the formation of psychological and physical problems. This scale items are designed to tap how personal, interpersonal and work life perception of the person contribute to stress.  Also, gives valuable feed back to how to cope up with their stress. This knowledge will help them to navigate and channelize their personal and social resources.

    • Completed tool development
    • Planning to conduct survey