Coping skills problem solving session-3

 Problem solving and decision making


1.   To understand the complexity of the problems

2.   To understand the importance of systematic approach to some problems

3.   Provide problem solving &decision making skills


            Problem solving involves finding our way towards a goal. The object of problem solving is usually a solution, answer or conclusion. Decision making is about deciding what action to take; it usually involves choice between options. Ineffective problem solving and hasty decision making are more likely leads to emotional distress and stressful pay off. We need to develop systematic approach when we are dealing with complex real life problems. There are different models; the five step model shown below has provend effective,


Identify problems and opportunities – what is my real problem

Define goals – desired goal

Explore possible strategies – plan, steps and priority

Anticipate outcomes and act

Look back and learn – feedback

Why some problems are complex

1.      Conflicting motives

2.      Uncertain, ambiguous situation

3.      Risk involved

4.      Different perspectives/ point of views

5.      Many people involved

6.      Different solution


1.      Lack of knowledge / skills

2.      Personal / social factors- values, attitudes, emotion, expectation pressure.

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