coping skills communication skills-session-4


1.      To provide communication skills

2.      Aware of interpersonal issues

3.      Giving and receiving emotional support


Relationship can be a common source of stress and also important resource for combating stress. The ability to communicate care and concern is essential to maintain a good relationship. Building strong relationship is very essential to cope up with stress. High quality social relationships involves being aware of our thinking, feeling and then communicating those ideas. Maintain relationship involves recognizing difficulties early and dealing with our own hidden agenda, mind reading and negative assumptions etc.

     Effective communication in our interaction with others can be a significant way of lowering our own stress levels even in unpleasant situations; we can feel good about our own skillful responses. Learning to communicate better will get us involved with others and help us express our needs more clearly and calmly. We need to learn to understand and regulate emotions of other people to cheer them up when they are down, to engage them when we want them to listen to us.

Communication handout

7 steps to successful communication

1.      Listen more carefully and responsively

2.      Explain your conversational intent and invite consent

3.      Express yourself more clearly and completely

4.      Translate your complaints and criticisms into specific request and explain your request

5.      Ask questions more open ended and more creatively

6.      Express more appreciation

7.      Adopt the continuous learning approach to living

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