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Objectives of the foundation

The principal objectives of the Trusts shall be as follows:

The Trust is established for the Charitable and benevolent purpose of promoting the Physical, Mental, Social and Moral development of all people without distinction of religion, caste, sex or community. This is proposed to be done in the following fields in the manner specified.


(a) The Trust aims at enabling counseling for individual, Group, School, College, Family Counseling, Marital Counseling AIDS, Alcoholic, Medical and Legal counseling.


(a) The Trust will conduct training sessions on the methods and techniques of counseling by giving training for adolescents and adults in the reproductive age group to enable them to deal with life events like romantic relationships, marriage, family planning. By conducting educational training courses for School, College and Teachers and by offering Medical and Legal of assistance and facilities to all sector of peoples.

Specific objectives

  - to improve the understanding among school and college students, general public about counseling, educational training and psychological guidance at various stages of life.

- to stress on the need for psychological support through counselors at schools, colleges and workplace in order to provide better skills for adaptation and coping with life stresses in different situations which will ensure healthy growth and development of the society and our nation..

-to mobilize support from various sources within the local, national and international community for the cause of counseling, training and guidance for various categories like families, individuals, schools and college students.

-to develop strategies, protocols and implementation guidelines of the proposed counseling services based on current scientific evidence

-to offer specific counseling and training programmes to adolescents and adults in the reproductive age group to improve their life, growth and productivity.

-to initiate efforts to help people who are in need of health care assistance and facilities.

-to conduct programmes that would strengthen the skills and expertise of volunteers, teachers, social workers, those already involved in the fields of counseling and guidance.

-to do research to understand the growing needs of the beneficiaries of the trust and to regularly review and revise the intervention strategies to include recent evidence from research.

-to create awareness among the public to preserve psychological health.

Start counseling centers for the benefits of persons, caregivers and students of various age groups.

-to propagate the message of living in peace and harmony by publishing pamphlets, books and periodicals highlighting various accepts of mental illness and mental health.

-to create an awareness on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) and offer counseling assistance.

-to offer counseling service for alcoholics and addicts for their better life

-to conduct programmes on stress management and personality development.

-to train counselors and social workers for the good cause of guiding the people to live a happy life.

-to create a network with other organizations if necessary both national and international and work together for achieving the above purposes.