About Us

The Subamahi Charitable Foundation is established for the charitable and benevolent purpose of promoting the   physical, mental, social and moral development of people by offering counseling, training, and social development programs without any distinction of religion, caste, and community.


India has very limited numbers of   professionals and mental health facilities for providing mental health care to people. According to WHO, nearly 15 million people suffer from serious psychiatric illness and another 30 million from mild/ moderate psychiatric problems. 10-12% of below 18 years suffer from behavioral and developmental disorder and difficulties in concentration. ICMR (2001) study found 12.8% of children and adolescents suffering from mental & behavioral disorders.

Psychological health has an important role to play in the promotion of mental health and social well being. Inability to deal effectively with stresses and pressures in life leads to health related problems, Psychological problems, suicidal tendencies, Drug abuse etc. How well we manage the situation, depends on the effectiveness and flexibility of the coping mechanisms and the life skills we possess. The enhancement of psychosocial competence could make an important contribution.

Our Vision

To assist individuals in our community who are affected by serious emotional problems, to help them in achieving their dreams and guiding them in setting proper life goals.

Our Mission

Promoting psychological health and providing guidance and counseling for psychological problems.

Our Values

·     All people have the right for mental health and well-being.

·     Through creating awareness we can reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and encourage them to seek assistance.

·      Through effective treatment, counselling and support, recovery from mental illness is achievable.

·      Through a combination of compassion, knowledge, and respect, we work with children, teens, adults, and families to encourage               personal growth and development.

· Through increase of personal, family wellness, we can decrease the burdens of mental illness, addictions, and emotional problems.

·  By helping the affected persons to come out of their problems we are not only helping the individual but also their family and society.


 Creating awareness

 Counseling

 Training

 Research