Stress and Coping

Life today is becoming increasingly complex; stress is an inevitable part of life.It is witnessed that stress has many negative consequences. Today the cut-throat competition in the world puts constant demands on the time and resources of all and exerts pressure which resulting stress. Researchers revealed that stress and lake of coping resources are an important factor, which contributes to adjustment problems and suicide. Coping plays a significant role in the process of adapting to stressful situations and hence it is essential for us to develop necessary coping skills to handle the demands of environment in a healthy way. Thinking and feelings (cognition, emotions) are the root cause of our every day stress, for example, not acceptance of reality and resistance. Relaxation, exercise, diet etc.. strategies will be helpful to reduce the damaging effects of physical stress but it may not be very effective because root cause of our stress remain in the background. Cognitive strategies are the most effective in this case. I hope this blog will be helpful to you to know more about it.

Simple stress test

See the four squares yellow, green, red, and blue. Whether you are using or loosing our life energy?. You can check it now. 

Passive – waiting for something to happen (chance)
Active – make something to happen (choice)
Confused – obstacle or lack of clear plan or goal (confuse)
Withdraw – give up, avoidance (cut down)

And characteristics which one you belong. 

Confusion – red
Chance – yellow 
Choice - green

The colour yellow, green, and red represent the traffic signal

You can stay temporarily if you are in yellow,
You can go if you are in 
green because you have learn to use your stress
You must stop if you are in 
red. You have to check your goal, value, believes, attitude… it is necessary to correct yourself before you proceed.
If you are in 
blue you may need assistance, help, advice from others