Strategies to improve your learning and performance

There is just a thin line between your performance and stress. Same task or situation can be viewed as stress or opportunity for learning. The following strategies you need to check to improve your learning and performance.

1. Avoidance
If you feel incompetent you probably seek to escape from it. Avoidance will prevent you from learning new skills. Learning require active effort, it is natural we feel incompetent before mastering any task or skills. To master a task or skill first you take it as challenge and focus your mind on the process but not the end result.

2. Believe
Success or failure mostly result of our attitude but not depends on our ability. You know we have unlimited potential. Our belief becomes our attitude, feelings and our action. Identify your self created limiting believes and challenge them.

3. Comparison
Every one is unique. Comparison creates negative impact on your learning and performance. You can compare yourself with your own progress, it will motivate you. But don’t compare yourself with others negatively.

4. Distraction
Our worries, anxiety and external events distract us. Distraction decreases our concentration and focus. Identify your distraction and minimize it.

5. Effort
If you are willing to spare your time and energy you can reach your goal. Set priority, keep your focus, do it with commitment and motivate yourself.

6. Feel it and Fix it
Knowing is not enough to achieve something. You must feel the importance of what you are doing, create meaning, and contemplate mindfully. Aware of your own chronic mistakes and failures find out the reason and challenge them.